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February 09, 2022 0 Comments

Tanjiro somehow manages to survive. He loses consciousness as soon as he lands on the ground. Gyutaro teases him for not being able to defend his friends and sister. However, seeing his enthusiasm, Gyutaro offers Tanjiro to become a demon, saying that he will spare his life if he does so.

Demon Slayer Saison 2 Épisode 18 : Quelle date et heure de sortie ?

Surprisingly, Tanjiro regains his energy and headbutts Gyutaro and tries to escape with Nezuko. When Gyutaro in anger hovers to kill him, he pierces Gyutaro with a kunai at the extract of Wisteria.

As the fight between Tanjiro and Gyutaro intensifies, Daki sets out to help him. She is confronted by a surviving Zenitsu, who attacks her with lightning speed. Tengen joins the fight against Gyutaro while Inosuke helps Zenitsu who fights against Daki.

In the end, the Demon Slayers manage to decapitate the siblings. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as a large explosion occurs from Gyutaro's body. Viewers wonder what would happen next.