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Welcome to Sword Anime® !

Sword Anime® was born from the desire to bring fans of Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, OPM and AOT licenses high quality items to keep their passion alive. We work very closely with our suppliers (located in the UK, USA and Japan) and select only the highest quality materials for our Anime Sword. We are committed to always offer our customers the best replica anime sword at the best prices.

We offer you to bring to life your favorite Mangas through our Anime Saber by retracing the key moments of the different licenses. You always dreamed to join the Uchiha clan? Don't wait any longer! You miss the Straw Hat crew? Return the honor by proudly wearing the Shusui Sword of Roronoa Zoro!

Initiated by fans for fans, we make it a point of honor to propose a selection of sharp visuals of our anime sword and as close as possible to their expectations. Finding the latest items but also paying homage to the great timeless classics is the credo of Sword Anime®.

It is thanks to its numerous products that swords-anime feeds your passion: Sandai Kitetsu sword of Roronoa Zoro or the sword of Sasuke... so many gifts to offer or to offer without moderation!

Much more than a simple visual of a character, it is a unique composition that comes to life on each product imagined by Sword Anime®. Our artistic team carefully works on the elements of your anime sword, thus giving birth to a product where the fan will be able to display and share his passion!

We ship our products in all the French-speaking countries (and in the whole world) FREE OF CHARGE. Your security is our priority: our site only offers secure payment methods that are guaranteed to be safe. A problem with the post office? We will take care of any dispute and send you a new package immediately. (secure delivery).

If you have any suggestions, questions or partnership requests, please do not hesitate to contact us via the chat form or by e-mail: !