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February 10, 2022 0 Comments

About 2000 years ago, Ymir was an Eldian who lived outside of Paradise Island. After Karl Fritz attacked their village and set it on fire, they enslaved all the villagers and brought them to Paradise.
Attack on Titan Saison 4 Episode 21-Eren essayant de convaincre Ymir de lui prêter le pouvoir de Founding Titan

One day, someone from the slave had freed all the pigs from the pig farm when King Karl Fritz asked why. All pointed to Ymir.

After that, Karl first tortured Ymir by gauging her eye, then dropped her to kill her with a bow arrow, but Ymir managed to run and reach inside an unknown tree and fell into a giant chasm below.

After falling under the chasm, a mysterious spine-like creature attached itself to Ymir and turned her into a founding Titan.

After witnessing this, Karl Fritz decided to keep Ymir as a slave because he thought he could use Ymir to fight his wars and build an Eldia empire.

Ymir did what he could to please Karl Fritz. But Karl Fritz didn't stop there. He forced Ymir to bear his children, and the two of them had three children Maria, Rose and Sheena.

One day, soldiers from Karl's warrior unit tried to kill Karl, but Ymir tried to save Karl and ended up taking the spear to his chest and died.

After his death, Karl Fritz cut his body into pieces and forced his children to cannibalize Ymir's body because he thought that Ymir's power should be passed on because this power was the only way to make Eldia's empire powerful.

Furthermore, when Karl died, he asked all his children to reproduce more children and passed on Ymir's powers to them, and so the Titan's powers were passed on throughout the 2000 years, and the nine Titan shifters were created.

Mikasa et Armin dans L'Attaque des Titans Saison 4 Episode 21

How does the Coordinate work?

The Coordinate is where Ymir resided after his death. She has a role to play here. Ymir shapes the Titan with the Coordinate floor every time someone turns into a Titan .

Another problem is that Coordinate is the place where all paths converge into one, which means that the founding Titan resides in the Coordinate where all the subjects of Ymir's or Nine Titans Shifter's paths intersect.

And whoever wields the coordinated power will have powers such as erasing all memories of Ymir's subjects or whatever the holder of the coordinated power wishes.

For Eg Zeke wished in his Ethunsia plan to remove the reproductive powers of all Ymir subjects.

But he did not have the power to do so, so he told Ymir (coordinate holder). But now, after lending all of Ymir's abilities, Eren can do whatever he wants.

For example, Eren used Coordinate's powers to reconnect with all of Ymir's subjects and told them what he wanted to do with the Founding Titan's powers).