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Asta(アスタ, Asuta) is a young orphan who became a Knight-Mage in the Black Bull Company. His dream is to become the Mage-Emperor.


Astais a small boy with a strong musculature. He has green eyes and ashy blond hair.
Black Clover finalmente revela mãe de Asta
His clothes consist of a long-sleeved V-shirt, a blue jacket and pants, a belt with a grimoire holder and a pair of blue and white shoes. He also wears a black headband with a yellow cross that will be replaced by the Black Bull insignia when he joins the company. He is also equipped with the characteristic cape of the Black Bull.

What is AstaPersonnality?

Astais a young man with a cheerful and hyperactive nature. He is endowed with an unparalleled perseverance and determination, since he was a child he never gives up and is determined to accomplish his goals. It is worth noting that his perseverance has brought him to the attention of Captain Yami and his fellow Black Bulls.

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He is also used to being criticized and mocked, and he knows how to keep his cool. However, when his loved ones are attacked, Astadoes not hesitate to defend them vehemently. He also has a great sense of justice and believes that everyone has the right to be protected, which is one of the reasons why he wanted to become a Magician Emperor. This way of thinking does not only apply to his allies, but also to his enemies, as when he asks his comrades to save Mars from the collapse of the dungeon. He claims that their mission was only to explore the dungeon and that they were not ordered to kill their enemies. Moreover, Astaseems to see the positive side of people and never takes an insult seriously, as when he did not express anger and remained friendly when Yuno and Noelle criticized him harshly

What is AstaLife?

In a lost village, at the borders of the kingdom of Clover (Hadge), Astawith Yuno is taken in by a man of faith. 10 years later, Astahas grown up. One day, Astalearns about the discrimination that the poorest receive and reveals for the first time his intention to be the Emperor-Mage. A few hours later, Astasees a thug rip off Yuno's necklace and immediately intervenes to recover the object from his friend. His effort is successful, but the young orphan is left with wounds all over his body.

Years later, Astacontinues to force Sister Lily to be his wife, but is quickly rejected. He insists even after she forces him to keep quiet. He finally stops his approach when Yuno interrupts him. After many unsuccessful attempts to show his skills while Yuno eclipses him, Astarushes off to train alone.

A few days later, a ceremony of Grimore awarding takes place in a tower. Astadoesn't manage to receive his grimoire and the tower's guardian suggests him to try again next year, Astaundergoes the mockery of the other people, until the appearance of Yuno's grimmoire puts an end to the mockery, at this moment everyone is astonished, surprised and fascinated, after that Yuno announces that he is the next mage emperor, after that Yuno is acclaimed by the majority of the present people, then Astaadvises him not to rest on his laurels because he is his main rival, Astais again subject of mockery, Yuno announces to him that he will never succeed, everyone leaves then the tower.

Skills and Competencies of Asta

- Magic

Anti-Magic: Astapossesses 4 swords of Anti-Magic that he takes out of his grimoire, this is a power that allows Astato nullify other forms of magic.  After being healed by the Witch Queen, Astabecame able to conduct and direct Anti-Magic faster and in a more condensed form, giving him a partial demonic transformation.

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- AstaCapacity

Expert Swordsman: Astahas shown the ability to wield a sword, although he uses it by simply pointing it at his opponent. However, with the acquisition of his second sword which has different powers, and trained by Fanzell Kruger, Asta'sswordsmanship has increased.

Épées D'Asta - Toutes Les épées, Pouvoirs, Rang, 4e épée Et Plus - Tech  Tribune France

Great Strength: Having no magic, Astatrains regularly and has greater than normal physical strength, including the ability to easily use massive swords in combat even with one hand. He can also do hundreds of one-handed elevated push-ups.
Great Speed: Astais able to move at a very high speed, so much so that William Vangeance thought he was using acceleration magic.

Asta Strong GIF - Asta Strong Black Clover - Discover & Share GIFs

Great Reactivity : Astapossesses great reactivity, as when he was able to unconsciously move his body to defend himself as best he could.
Great Resistance : Astapossesses a very great resistance and endurance, he is able to take many attacks and still get up.

Ki : A kind of sixth sense that Astawill acquire with the help of Yami, which will allow him to detect invisible things and people.
Demonic Union : After forging a pact with Liebe, Astais able to merge with him.

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Asta Equipment

Grimoire: Astahas a grimoire with a five-leaf clover, which he received during his fight against Revchi Salik. The grimoire is damaged and covered in dirt that barely shows a five-leaf clover on the front cover. Since the symbol is almost invisible due to the dirt that covers it, many people including Astathink that the grimoire has strange magic, but it is an ordinary grimoire. Astais able to summon a sword from his grimoire, which he uses for his anti-magic.

His grimoire turns out to be special, in fact it was created when Licht fell into despair, at that moment his grimoire with a 4-leaf clover became a grimoire with a 5-leaf clover

Dispelda : Asta'soriginal sword that allows him to cut through spells with its edge and deflect them with the flat of the blade. It belonged to Licht in the past.

Drainda: Asta'ssecond sword that also allows him to cut through spells with its edge and allows him to borrow magic from his allies, thus increasing his strength and the range of his attacks. Only Astacan use and carry this sword as he does not possess Mana. Indeed, if other mages are in contact with the sword, their mana will be absorbed. It belonged to Licht in the past.

Annihilda: Asta'sthird sword has an ability known as Causality Break, which allows it to generate Anti-Magic tendrils that can absorb and remove the effects of spells. This can even negate Reincarnation Magic.

Pourfenda: Asta'sfourth sword is the katana given to him by Yami during the fight against Dante. Thanks to the anti-magic power Astahas loaded into it, the katana is able to cut through magic and spells with its edge and also release anti-magic blasts into the air.