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October 19, 2022 0 Comments

One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoilers and Hints

Unfortunately, today we do not have for you any confirmed spoilers for One Piece chapter 1064. However, the raw scans and summaries will be released between Tuesday, October 18th (at the earliest) and Thursday, October 20th (at the latest). For today we have listed some hints and unconfirmed spoilers provided by the leakers below:


  • Chapter 1064 title is allegedly Battle of the D‘s
  • Editor‘s comment – “Something unexpected happened…! What’s going to happen next in this sea…?”
  • Mihawk saves Law from BB next chapter
  • We see VegaPunk ‘Shaka’
  • At the end of the chapter we see more about CP0!
  • Crocodile vs. Shiryu
  • Cross Guild and Law vs. BB Pirates
  • Law was either killed or defeated and kidnapped, according to a reliable source
  • Teach is trying to use Law’s ability to bring someone back to life
  • Law & Ace are seen hanging out together like best buds, at a really bright location, with a pretty gate.

That’s all we know so far but we’ll keep adding some confirmed leaks and hints as they arrive for the following two days and on Wednesday (latest Thursday), we’ll have the full plot summary anyways. So stay tuned with us and keep refreshing this article to receive more live updates.