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January 04, 2022 0 Comments

The Demon Slayer Corps contains some of the most powerful beings in the Demon Slayer manga universe  - but even they have their heavy hitters.  Known as the Hashira (or "Pillars"), these sword masters possess skills and attributes that would make even the most powerful demon raise their guard in a one-on-one battle.

But which of these pillars are the strongest of all?  While fans may debate the question, here are the pillars of Demon Slayer, from (relatively) weakest to strongest.


This Hashira was actually killed several years before the main story of Demon Slayer.  A master of flower breathing (derived from water breathing), Kanae Kocho was a kind woman, but with a strict side.  Her breathing technique made her a  powerful warrior  and it wasn't until she fought the sadistic Demon Doma that she came to an end.  Despite this, Kanae was able to fight Doma until sunrise before being fatally injured, demonstrating both extreme skill and endurance.

It wasn't even the end of Kanae's story as her spirit manifests to encourage another Hashira - her sister Shinobu.


Speaking of Shinobu, this Insect Hashira is also incredibly powerful in her own right.  Shinobu'sInsect Breathing style is derived from Kanae's Flower Breathing style, showing the bond between the sisters.  Although outwardly calm and friendly, Shinobu maintains a deep hatred for demons after killing his sister.  This motivated her to continue to hone her skills at the Hashira level - although she does not have the physical strength  to cut off a demon's head or many other superhuman abilities associated with other pillars.


Not only was this esteemed Demon Slayer a Thunder Hashira, he was also an excellent teacher who dedicated his life to training the next generation of Demon Slayers.  Despite his strong belief in his students, he was crushed when his former protege Kaigaku betrayed the Corps and became a demon in the Kizuki Twelve.  This grief prompted Jigoro to commit ritual suicide.


Known as the Sound Pillar, Tengen Uzui is a flamboyant but talented fighter, able to defend himself even when poisoned and missing a hand!  Thanks to his mastery of sound breathing, Tengenis able to record his battles like a musical score and review them to improve his skills.  Now that's dedication!


The Pillar of Flame, Kyojuro Rengoku is known as one of the most powerful demon slayers.  His exploits include using the Breath of Flame technique to launch a sea ​​of ​​flames  at his opponents.  Beyond that, he knows how to protect others - at one point, he divides his attention between saving train passengers and battling multiple demons!

Sakonji Urokodaki

This Demon Slayer looks like a demon himself at first glance thanks to his tengu mask.  In fact, their real face is said to be quite nice.  Nonetheless, he's also a master of Aquatic Breathing - and given that those who master the technique of Aquatic Breathing (as well as Breathing Flames) invariably become Hashira, that says a lot about his talent.

What's also impressive about Sakonji Urokodaki is that he lived to a great old age fighting demons.  Considering that many demon slayers have (naturally) short lifespans, this says even more about his position among the Hashira.


Tough and strict, this master of snake breathing is also one of the most determined of demon slayers.  Thanks to this determination and his ability to twist and bend his sword like a slippery serpent, Obanai Iguro was able to fight the original demon Muzan even after being blinded and horribly injured.  Although not the  Hashira  the  most powerful  , the desire to Obanai Iguro is unparalleled.


Considering this Demon Slayer became a master of mist breathing at the age of fourteen and joined the Demon Slayer Corps at the age of  ten,  Muichiro Tokito's talent and skill is undeniable (he has mastered his technique in a few months!) Despite its tendency to wander. Thinking about it, few can deny that when it comes time to fight, few demon slayers can match the sword skills of Muichiro Tokito, the pillar of the mist.


The scarred body of this Hashira is a testament to his years of fighting against demons.  A master of wind breathing, Sanemi Shinazugawa is known to be rude, stubborn, and driven by fury.  In addition to his excellent swordsmanship skills, Sanemi's blood is known to be intoxicating to demons who can work for and against him as demons lose their focus at the smell of his blood, but are hungry for its effects. intoxicating.


As Masters of Water Breathing inevitably become Hashira, it makes sense that Water Pillar Giyu Tomioka ranks so high on this list.  A strong and silent type, Giya was able to easily defeat Father Spider Demon and even earned the respect of Akaza, a member of the Twelve Kizuki.  Akaza considered Giya  so worthy  that he offered to make him a demon.  Of course, Giya refused.


Shy, kind and sensitive, this Hashira's gentle nature contrasts directly with her incredibly powerful muscles  .  Even against the original demon Muzan, Mitsuri'sstrength was enough to rip off his tentacles  without  using his blade.  As Hashira, however, Mitsurihas created her own "Love Breathing" which allows her to wield her thin sword like a whip, making it incredibly fast and strong.  Those who underestimate this Demon Slayer do so at their peril.


Was there any doubt as to which Demon Slayer would top this list?  Blind demon slayer Gyomei Himejima is a master of stone breathing and uses a deadly ax in his hand instead of a sword.  Despite his gentle and godly nature, Gyomei's fighting prowess is so incredibly effective that even the demon Kokushibo considered Gyomei the most powerful demon slayer  of all!