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January 05, 2022 0 Comments

  • Demon Slash (Oni Giri)  : Zoro crosses his sabers to form the horns of a demon and slices his opponent with his three blades by rushing on him. This is his main attack. 
  • Tiger Slash (Tora Gari) : He crosses the sabers he has in his hands behind the one he has in his mouth, then slices his target vertically.  
  • Arcana of the Three Sabers  : Infernal Spinner (Arcana of the Three Sabers  : Sanzen Sekai - Santoryu Ougi: Sanzen Sekai) : He spins his sabers in front of then slashes his enemy.   
  • The Wolf's Pass (Tourou Nagashi) : Technique that allows him to dodge burst attacks (such as Octo's six- saber attacks and  Kuma's Tsuppari Pad Hou ) and counterattack.   
  • Dragon Slash (Tatsumaki) : Zoro represents a Japanese dragon with his sabers , then spins on himself to slice his opponent who flies away while spinning. It looks like caliber 108 but in the shape of a dragon.  
  • Burning Demon Slash (Yaki Oni Giri) : A Demon Slash, but with his flaming sabers . He uses this technique to beat  Mr 5 . He only used this technique once.  
  • The Crab Claw (Gazami Dori) : Zoro positions his sabers around the neck of his enemy like the claw of a crab, then slices his neck.  
Gazami Dori |  OnePiecePedia |  Fandom
  • Caliber 108  (108 Klesha Slash - Hyakuhachi Pound Hou ): Like caliber 36, but with its three blades. Obviously, the attack is much more powerful. 
  • Corbac Slash (Yawning at Crows Slash - Karasuma Gari)  : An attack that slices multiple projectiles in the air.  
  • Demonic Bull, Unstoppable Horns (Demon Horns, Claw of Courage - Gyuki Yuzume) : Zoro rushes straight at his opponent, his three sabers pointed straight at him.   
  • Enbima, Nuit Sans Sommeil, Demon Slash (Spell, Insomniac Dream, Demon Slash - Enbima Yonezu, Oni Giri) : Zoro focuses so much that his enemies feel like he sees a demon with waving sabers , then he performs a Demon Slash a lot. more powerful.
  • Doubla Gorilla Slash (Ding Dong Slash - Nigori Zake)  : Zoro concentrates all his strength in his biceps and hits his opponent with the force of a gorilla. 
  • Panther Slash (Wild Whirlwind of the Panther - Hyou Kin Dama) : Zoro bends like a panther ready to pounce then rushes at the opponent by spinning on himself and rushes towards the target with his three sabers .     
Hyou Kin Dama !!!!!!!  - Roronoa Zoro photo (30902442) - fanpop
  • The Cup of the Big Buddha (Cutout-Statue Slash - Daibutsu Giri)  : Zoro slices a tower at the height of the floors.  
Santoryu: Daibutsu giri |  Wiki |  One Piece Brasil ™ Amino
  • The Guardian Raven (Nyctalope Raven - Yasha Garasu)  : Zoro gives a multitude of saber blows , the notches of which are reminiscent of a bird's legs. 
Yasha Garasu (Cakar gagak iblis) - All About One Piece