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March 30, 2022 0 Comments

One Piece Saber

One Piece Sabers (刀剣, Tōken) are a type of weapon in the World of One Piece. They are used almost exclusively for hand-to-hand combat, to cut and/or pierce opponents.

Swords are perhaps the most common weapon in the world of One Piece, with users ranging from untrained civilians and petty criminals to the greatest warriors of the Grand Line. Those with special training and expertise in their use are called Swordsmen. High quality swords are sometimes classified and named Meito.

Shanks One Piece Men Weapon Sword Artwork Wallpaper - Resolution:3840x2160  - ID:1188702 -

In addition to these swords, we can cite original shapes such as the Kiribachi of Arlong or the Kirisame of Hody Jones. Some fighters like Kizaru, Daz Bonez, Baby 5 or Aokiji can also create swords or sabers from the powers of their Devil Fruits.

Shanks Sword

Griffon is a longer than average saber, with a long green handle and beige hilt. Shanks keeps it in a blue holster hanging from his waist on the right side.

Griffon is a powerful saber, standing up to Edward Newgate's bisento. This conflict released such force that it split the clouds of the sky in two, but the sword was not damaged at all. When coated in Haki, he can resist Sakazuki's lava.

How To Get Shanks Saber

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