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Ruruni Kenshin Sword PVC : Sword/saber replica

The Sword Anime online store offers beautiful plastic Ruruni Kenshin Sword replica. At Sword Anime you will have a great choice of Ruruni Kenshin sword replica like the Sakabato PVC Sword or the Shishio Makoto plastic sword featured in the Japanese anime Ruruni Kenshin

Ruruni Kenshin Plastic Reinforced Sword Replica

Are you looking for a Ruruni Kenshin PVC Sword? Discover the quality of our products and replica Ruruni Kenshin PVC sword proposed by Sword Anime and delivered with reinforced plastic sheath. Our Ruruni Kenshin Sword are made with the utmost care and unmatched detail on our Ruruni Kenshin Pvc swords