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Wakizashi Anime-manga: Sword/saber replica

The Sword Anime online store offers beautiful replica swords from anime-manga. At Sword Anime you will have a great choice of replica swords and wakizashi from your favorite anime and manga like, the One Piece Wakizashi, or the Touken Ranbu Wakizashi passing by the Bleach Wakizashi present in the favorite Japanese anime

Anime-Manga Replica Sword sharp and not sharp

You are looking for an anime or manga sword? Discover the quality of our products and replica swords offered by Sword Anime and delivered with scabbard. You have the choice between a cutting or non cutting anime manga sword replica with a different blade and handle finish.

What is a Wakizashi? by Sword Anime

The wakizashi (脇差) is a curved Japanese sword similar to the katana, but smaller, ranging in size from 30 to 60 cm . It can be worn with a katana and slipped into the belt, in which case the set is called daisho.