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August 04, 2022 0 Comments

Le film d'animation Sword Art Online Progressive : Kuraki Yuuyami no Scherzo (Sword Art Online the Movie Progressive : Scherzo of Deep Night, SAO Progressive Movie 2) dévoile son second trailer !

The movie Sword Art Online Progressive: Kuraki Yuuyami no Scherzo is scheduled to be released on September 10, 2022 in Japanese theaters. It is the sequel of the movie SAO Progressive - Hoshinaki Yoru no Aria released in 2021.

  • Genre : Shonen, Action/Adventure, Heroic-Fantasy



Sword Art Online Progressive is a supplement to the original Sword Art Online novel through an untold story of the Aincrad conquest (character development during the 2 years spent in the game) and mysteries revealed.


The designer of the virtual game SAO has blocked the only way for players to disconnect. Trapped in this virtual world, any death in the game is equivalent to brain death in reality.

The only escape: Climb the 99-story high tower and defeat the last Boss.

The story follows the adventures of Asuna Yuki, a formidable swordswoman trapped in the fortress of Aincrad in the heart of the virtual world of Sword Art Online.

There she meets Kazuto Kirito Kirigaya, a beta tester who uses his knowledge to level up (to become extremely powerful) without helping others.

Trailer 2 of the anime film SAO Progressive Movie 2 :

 The novel Sword Art Online Progressive by Reki Kawahara was released in 2012 as an addition to the Aincrad arc (licensed to Ototo Publishing)

The manga Sword Art Online Progressive by Reki Kawahara & Kiseki Himura started in 2013 by ASCII Media Works and counts a total of 7 volumes bound in Japan (available at Ototo editions)

The manga sequel Sword Art Online: Transient Barcarolle by Reki Kawahara (script) & Shiomi Miyoshi (drawings) started in 2018 by Kadokawa Publishing and counts a total of 2 volumes in Japan (available by Ototo Publishing)

Anime Saga (available at @Anime/Wakanim/IDP Video):

Sword Art Online : Season 1 - 2012 - 25 episodes
Sword Art Online II Phantom Bullet : Season 2 - 2014 - 24 episodes
Sword Art Online the Movie - Ordinal Scale : anime film - December 20, 2017 (bluray France)
Sword Art Online: Alicization : Season 3 - October 2018 - 24 episodes
SAO Alicization - War of Underworld : Season 3 sequel - October 2019 - 12 episodes
SAO Alicization - War of Underworld Last Season : Season 3 sequel 2 - July 2020 - 11 episodes
Sword Art Online Progressive - Hoshinaki Yoru no Aria : Spinoff - 2021 - anime film
Sword Art Online Progressive - Kuraki Yuuyami no Scherzo : Part 2 - 2022 - anime film

Staff Animation :

Author : Reki Kawahara
Studio : A-1 Pictures
Director: Ayako Kawano
Chara Design : Kento Toya (SAO saga: Alicization War of Underworld, Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu)
Music: Yuki Kajiura (Sword Art Online saga, Kimetsu no Yaiba saga, Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel)