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August 10, 2022 0 Comments

One Piece Episode 1028: Amazing animations!

ONE PIECE released episode 1028 this Sunday, and we finally see Luffyevolve into a version that might be able to stand up to a Yonko! The episode began with Big Mom creating a new thundercloud, giving Prometheus the girlfriend he's been asking for. We also witness the scene where she takes part of his soul to create the new ally, after which she launches an attack on Kid and Killer. She sends them flying inside the castle, and we can see a short moment of Usopp and Nami, who run away from Page One with Tama.

Big Mom follows Kid and Killer without knowing exactly where they crashed. She is determined to get revenge on Kid, while the Supernova captain is determined not to let her regroup with Kaido. The two men are about to confront her when Basil Hawkins interrupts them. Kid is angry at him for the betrayal and is ready to fight, but Killer shows his reliability as a number 2. He decides to face Hawkins alone, while Kid heads to Big Mom. While Hawkins gives him a 92% chance of dying, their fight looks interesting, considering the demon fruit Hawkins possesses.

After that, the episode returned to Luffy, who got up and told Kaido that they would never join him. He thinks back to what Hyogoro taught him about Haki, and realizes that Kaido was imbuing his attacks with the Haki of the Conqueror. Kaido laughs at him, thinking that this knowledge can't help him, but then we see that he is wrong in an incredibly animated sequence. Luffy'srise to a higher level of power is shown symbolically, and he then manages to block Kaido's attack filled with Conqueror's Haki. In an incredible sequence, Luffymanages to damage the Yonko without touching it, and it seems that he is now ready to continue the 1v1 fight. He tells Law and Zoro to get down and let everyone know that he's going to win at all costs, and we get his trademark smile for the end.